Black Diamond Oz v2 (factory second)

Black Diamond
Oz v2 (factory second)

Name:Black Diamond Oz v2 (factory second)
Shape:asymmetric D
Gate Material:steel
Nose:hooded notch
Nose Guard:full
Rivets:flat spun
Gate Shield:none
Weight:28 g
Dimensions:Length: 91.8 mm
Width: 57.2 mm
Depth (basket end): 8.7 mm
Gate Opening: 22 mm
Strength Ratings:Major Axis: 20 kN | Minor Axis: 7 kN | Gate Open: 7 kN
Other Markings:Forged-positive: (solid double diamond logo) | (solid double diamond logo)
Laser: (solid double diamond logo) Black Diamond | (ratings) CE0333
Dot-Peened: 2ND
Batch Marking Location:spine-exterior-gateright
Msrp:$8.95 (2018)
Summary:wire-guarded snagless wiregate, ultra light
Description & Commentary:

This model is a factory second, with a dot-peened "2ND" marking on the spine. The upper end of the gate wire is formed poorly - proud of the body, and a large mushroom dome inconsistent with my other Oz examples.

A clever use of existing production techniques to produce a hooded wiregate carabiner. Unlike the Wild Country Helium, the HoodWire, Livewire, and Oz does not require any forging or milling beyond what is performed on all modern carabiners. The HoodWire has a flattened wiregate, which reduces the minimum width of the nose, but climbers complained about the wide nose fitting through crowded bolts or belay stations.

The Oz is a lightweight (1oz/28g) compact carabiner commonly used for racking or lightweight quickdraws. I have a "rackpack" of color anodized Oz carabiners intended to match the colors used to indicate cam sizes. This assists a climber in quickly finding the correct cam - a small quality of life improvement when fishing for the correct cam during a sketching lead climb.

This example has no batch marking but clearly dot peened "2ND" and reads with the gate facing left. The marking is located more to the hinge end compared to where a typical batch mark is located.

Discontinued in 2019, reportedly because of the manufacturing difficulty (as with all snagless wiregates), and possibly the BD factory move.

As of 2022, CT/Climbing Technology, an Italian company, is producing a HoodWire style (and weight) carabiner named the Berry W.

Black Diamond did apply for a true keylock wiregate patent so perhaps we'll see that design someday (limited gate opening though, would need to be offset).

This particular example was not part of the 2016 recall of many BD carabiners.

Black Diamond produced a promo video in 2013 of Oz carabiner production.

Relevant Patent:US8235761B2
Technical Notice:Technical Notice