Black Diamond JiveWire

Black Diamond

Name:Black Diamond JiveWire
Locking Type:n/a
Unlock Style:n/a
Shape:asymmetric D
Gate Material:steel
Nose:notch & wire
Nose Guard:minimal
Weight:6 g
Dimensions:Length: 64.5 mm
Width: 42 mm
Gate Opening: 16 mm
Other Markings:Injection Molded: (double diamond logo-solid) Black Diamond | DANGER - NOT LOAD BEARING
Msrp:$2.25 (2018)
Summary:poor quality accessory carabiner from BD
Description & Commentary:

A plastic framed carabiner which fails to live up to the Black Diamond name. The body flexes enough such that the nose will not align with the gate, permitting the gate to open beyond the nose and leaving the carabiner in an open position. I find this happens easily on accident - making this carabiner unreliable and defeating the purpose of using an accessory carabiner to secure important items.