DMM Mamba (Screwgate)

Mamba (Screwgate)

Name:DMM Mamba (Screwgate)
Category:screw lock
Locking Type:manual
Unlock Style:gate stopped - gate stop
Sleeve Rotation:990° (unlocked) | 1485° (maximum)
Shape:asymmetric D
Nose:notch & pin
Nose Guard:semi
Gate Shield:full
Anti Crossload:captive eye(s)
Weight:57 g
Dimensions:Length: 109.94 mm
Width: 59.5 mm
Depth (basket end): 8.2 mm
Gate Opening: 17.34 mm
Strength Ratings:Major Axis: 23 kn | Gate Open: 10 kn
Other Markings:Forged: DMM WALES | (ratings)
Stamped: DAJ
Batch Marking Location:captive-eye-right
Collection Criteria:★ Manufacturing, Engineering, or Design
★ Historically Interesting or Iconic
Summary:first hot-forged carabiner & captive eye for webbing
Description & Commentary:

Introduced in 1992, DMM Mamba body was the first hot-forged aluminum alloy carabiner, a process which moves more material than when bent or cold-forging carabiner bodies. This helps designers maximize strength and minimize weight - common in today's world of high-performance climbnig carabiners.

Although first released in non-locking versions, DMM produced this screwlocker variant later on.

The Mamba body sports a deep, pointed basket with a rope guide groove, a bowed spine and captive eye designed for the webbing of a quickdraw. All these features aid in clipping the carabiner into a bolt or the rope into a carabiner when sport climbing - something certainly valued by rock climbers while leading a difficult pitch!

The nose has a narrow, full-length guard - better than nothing, but the gate and rivets still extend significantly beyond the guard. At the time of the Mamba's release (early 90's), a nose guard would have been relatively new feature. The rear of the gate is mostly shielded, but the captive eye should practically eliminate any crossloading and accompanying rope shredding.