DMM Wirelock


Name:DMM Wirelock
Shape:asymmetric D
Gate Material:multi: integrated aluminum & steel components
Nose:reverse keylock
Nose Guard:full
Gate Shield:none
Weight:44 g
Dimensions:Length: 100 mm
Width: 60 mm
Depth (basket end): 8.74 mm
Gate Opening: 23 mm
Strength Ratings:Major Axis: 24 kN | Minor Axis: 9 kN | Gate Open: 10 kN
Other Markings:Forged: DMM | (ratings)
Stamped: 0120 CE AAM
Batch Marking Location:spine-exterior
Collection Criteria:★ Manufacturing, Engineering, or Design
Summary:reverse keylock twisted wiregate
Description & Commentary:

The DMM Shield attempts to create a keylock wiregate carabiner but misses the mark somewhat. The twisted gate captures a small button, which provides the latching interface with blind keyway in the carabiner nose.

The wiregate retains the traditional smooth feel of wiregate operation, but the twisted gate eliminates the easy clipping of a typical wiregate's flat-front if used on the rope end of a quickdraw. Employing the DMM Shield on the bolt side of quick draws, personal anchors etc would mitigate this downside, but the bulky nose may still cause issues.

The DMM Shield is a first generation clean-nose wiregate, and it is difficult to see any significant benefits compared with modern designs such as the Wild Country Helium (same size nose) or Camp Dyon (smaller nose, lighter). This example is from the first generation of DMM Shields - it was later released with a lighter body updated using more advanced hot-forging techniques.

Relevant Patent:US8108975