Kaya K-1


Name:Kaya K-1
Locking Type:manual
Unlock Style:nose stopped
Sleeve Rotation:1170° (unlocked) | 2760° (maximum)
Anti Crossload:captive eye(s)
Weight:449 g
Dimensions:Length: 134 mm
Width: 79 mm
Gate Opening: 23 mm
Strength Ratings:Major Axis: 20 kN | Minor Axis: 15 kN
Other Markings:Laser Etched: KAYA | EN 362 CE0123 | K-1 (ratings)
Summary:aluminum gated-hook (not a snap-hook) with captive eye
Description & Commentary:

This aluminum screwlock gated hook is manufactured by the Turkish fall protection company Kaya, and provides an interesting look at safety standards outside of the US. Relatively modern, Kaya continued to list the K-1 on their website in May 2017, but removed it by early June 2017. This example includes a kevlar lanyard attached to the captive eye with a sewn splice.

Unlike a carabiner, a gated hook does not rely on the gate side to share the load. This presents a snagless (clean) nose, but also requires additional material along the spine and basket of the hook.

Because the K-1 is made from Aluminum, the hook is relatively light weight, but very bulky and not nearly as durable compared to steel designs of sufficient strength.

Unlike a snap hook, the gate requires engaging a manual screw lock for security. The screw lock is slow to clip and unclip regularly, and may promote complacency from workers. To make matters worse, the locking sleeve stops against the nose of the hook, and will jam if overtighened - a flaw not found in quality aluminum climbing carabiners for 3+ decades.

Overall, I find this design outdated and inappropriate for either work (too manual) or recreation (too heavy).