Mammut Bionic Wiregate v3

Bionic Wiregate v3

Name:Mammut Bionic Wiregate v3
Shape:swept spine
Profile:I-beam: webbed
Nose:notch & wire
Nose Guard:semi
Gate Shield:none
Weight:37.8 g
Dimensions:Length: 9.88 mm
Width: 56.4 mm
Depth (basket end): 9.26 mm
Gate Opening: 23.90 mm
Strength Ratings:Major Axis: 25 kN | Minor Axis: 8 kN | Gate Open: 10 kN
Other Markings:Forged: MAMMUT | (ratings)read (ce-logo)0321
Laser: 01 16
Batch Marking Location:spine-exterior-left
MSRP:$9.95 (2018)
Summary:webbeed I-beam carabiner, textured swept spine
Description & Commentary:

This third generation of Mammut's classic swept-spine I-beam Bionic carabiner sports a grooved thumb grip on the rear of the spine, a rope seat in the basket, widely spaced gate wires and an accompanying large nose guard.

The Bionic was offered in 3 gate styles: (solid) Straight, (solid) Bent, and Wiregate. The first generation of wiregate (~2008) used what Mammut called the Wire Safe design, which (from photos) appears the same as the reverse-keylock wiregate design used in the DMM Wirelock - who likely manufactured the carabiner as well. The second generation, called the Bionic Evo (~2011-2015+), ditched the snagless nose for the notch & wire of a traditional wiregate design. This third generation body retains the webbed I-beam profile, but with slightly different arrangement and an extra 1 kN of minor-axis strength for a few more grams of weight. And $1 lower MSRP.

See also: Mammut Bionic HMS (another webbed I-beam carabiner with very different body shape)