Mammut Classic Screwgate

Classic Screwgate

Name:Mammut Classic Screwgate
Category:screw lock
Locking Type:manual
Unlock Style:gate stopped
Sleeve Rotation:450° (unlocked) | 900° (maximum)
Shape:asymmetric D
Nose:notch & pin
Nose Guard:none
Gate Shield:semi
Weight:55 g
Dimensions:Length: 104 mm
Width: 59.5 mm
Gate Opening: 21 mm
Strength Ratings:Major Axis: 26 kN | Minor Axis: 8 kN | Gate Open: 10 kN
Other Markings:Forged: MAMMUT CLASSIC | CE 0639 (ratings)
Stamped: 01 99
Batch Marking Location:spine-exterior
Summary:basic screwgate with milled nose
Description & Commentary:

A run-of-the-mill screwgate with a pin/hook nose. Forged into a basic trapezoid profile with forged markings. The nose and hinge cuts are milled (not forged).

The most notable feature of this carabiner is the screwlock's coarse threading. The gate will unlock in 1 and 1/4 rotations. Most modern screwlock carabiners require 2-3 rotations.

The coarse threading and loose gate to sleeve fit allows the sleeve to lock or unlock fully with the momentum imparted by a quick swipe of the finger.

This was likely a whitelabel production by CAMP for Mammut, matching other CAMP products of the time and with the distinctive 2x2 batch stamp on the spine.

The model appears identical to the Trango Standard Screwlock (circa 1999).