Omega Pacific Jake Screw-Lok

Omega Pacific
Jake Screw-Lok

Name:Omega Pacific Jake Screw-Lok
Category:screw lock
Locking Type:manual
Unlock Style:nose stopped
Sleeve Rotation:1845° (unlocked) | 1890° (maximum)
Nose:notch & pin
Nose Guard:offset gate
Rivets:flat spun
Gate Shield:semi
Weight:98 g
Dimensions:Length: 116 mm
Width: 81 mm
Gate Opening: 23 mm
Strength Ratings:Major Axis: 23 kN | Minor Axis: 10 kN | Gate Open: 8 kN
Other Markings:Forged: Omega USA | (ratings) CE 0082 Ⓗ
Stamped: GS
Batch Marking Location:spine-exterior-right
Summary:classic HMS, offset gate
Description & Commentary:

A classic HMS shaped carabiner. As with many Omega Pacific carabiners, the gate spring of this example is weak. In my experience on ropes courses I've seen the Jake carabiner gate springs wear out at a rate much faster than Black Diamond or Petzl carabiners - often self-ejecting at some point.

See the related REI HMS Screwgate.

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