REI HMS Screwgate

HMS Screwgate

Name:REI HMS Screwgate
Category:screw lock
Locking Type:manual
Unlock Style:nose stopped
Sleeve Rotation:1800° (unlocked) | 2115° (maximum)
Nose:notch & pin
Nose Guard:offset gate
Rivets:flat spun
Gate Shield:semi
Weight:98 g
Dimensions:Length: 116 mm
Width: 79 mm
Gate Opening: 25 mm
Strength Ratings:Major Axis: 22 kN | Minor Axis: 10 kN | Gate Open: 8 kN
Other Markings:Forged: (ratings) (REI logo) | For Climbing & Mountaineering Only
Stamped: SU
Batch Marking Location:spine-exterior-right
MSRP:$10.95 (2000)
Summary:REI branded carabiner
Description & Commentary:

A large carabiner, but the round basket can force all attached objects to be pushed together, somewhat negating the benefits of a large basket. The markings are all forged onto the carabiner in high relief letters. The gate hinge is angled such that the gate opens just outside the main plane of the carabiner. Because it does not contact the carabiner spine, the gate can open further and provides a slightly larger gate opening that it would otherwise.

As climbing gained popularity post WWII, REI started producing or selling REI branded climbing equipment. Often these were manufactured by another company, but sold under their name. MSR produced a line of carabiners for REI for many years, up through the 1990's. In fact these were part of an oft-cited test by Steve Nagode on the myth of microfractures.

Around 1999-2001, REI sold a line of carabiners which are clearly related to later Omega Pacific carabiners. I imagine these were made by OmegaPac for REI, but I suppose the tooling for these carabiners may have been later sold to OmegaPac. See also: Omega Pacific Jake

Manufacturer Color:bright