Rock Exotica rockD ORCA

Rock Exotica
rockD ORCA

Name:Rock Exotica rockD ORCA
Category:triple-action twist lock
Locking Type:assisted
Unlock Style:lift-and-twist
Sleeve Rotation:120° (unlocked) | 120° (maximum)
Shape:asymmetric D
Nose Guard:offset gate
Rivets:flat spun
Gate Shield:full
Weight:80 g
Dimensions:Length: 114.5 mm
Width: 67.5 mm
Gate Opening: 25 mm
Strength Ratings:Major Axis: 29 kN | Minor Axis: 11 kN | Gate Open: 9 kN | Gate Face: 6kN
Other Markings:Laser: PATENT PENDING (orca logo) usa rock exotica rockD crossbones Advanced Users Only! |
ORCA Ⓗ EN362:2004-B read EN12275:1998 CE0120 |
(ratings) read 12235M 0105 | ORCA (lock-icon)
Batch Marking Location:tail-right
MSRP:$28.00 (2022)
Collection Criteria:★ Personal Favorite
★ Mechanically Interesting
Summary:assisted auto-locking
Description & Commentary:

A standard Rock Exotica locking asym. D with a unique feature - the locking sleeve.

The locking sleeve on ORCA lock carabiners can be manually set to the unlocked position with the standard lower-and-twist common to Rock Exotica autolocking carabiners. If the gate is opened fully, the frame of the carabiner bumps the locking sleeve off of the lower hinge pin, which had been holding the sleeve in the unlocked position. This causes the sleeve to return to the fully locked position once the gate closes again (if operating properly). The locking sleeve can also be manually lifted to re-engage the locking mechanism.

The sleeve will not automatically lock upon closing if the gate is opened partially (no more than 14mm of gate clearance) - so care must be taken to look, listen and feel that the gate closed and locked properly. But this should already be the habit of an experienced user.

In practice, I find this design provides some of the convenience of a screwlock carabiner, with similar security to standard triple-action autolocking carabiners. I use the ORCA feature primarily in two ways: a) setting the carabiner to the unlocked position on my harness, for easy deployment and b) unlocking the gate and slipping in/out other items without fully triggering the re-locking mechanism. That said, I do catch myself accidentally relocking the gate when I do not intend to do so.

It is possible to trigger the relocking mechanism, then set the sleeve back in the unlocked position by twisting it once the gate has closed halfway again.

The CMC Manual Lock has a similar feature which does not automatically reengage the locking action when fully opened. The user must manually trigger the sleeve, which then engages two-stage locking under spring pressure.

Manufacturer Color:red/(unknown)
Technical Notice:Technical Notice