Simond Cliff Express

Cliff Express

Name:Simond Cliff Express
Shape:asymmetric D
Nose:notch & pin
Nose Guard:none
Gate Shield:none
Weight:51.7 g
Dimensions:Length: 102.3 mm
Width: 57.3 mm
Depth (basket end): 6.1 mm
Gate Opening: 20.8 mm
Strength Ratings:Major Axis: 2200 KG
Other Markings:Stamped: SIMOND CLIFF EXPRESS | RUPT 2200 KG
Collection Criteria:★ Manufacturing, Engineering, or Design
Summary:unique finger grip facilitates gate opening
Description & Commentary:

A standard compact carabiner with a funky gate, the design of the Simond Cliff Express appears to have been a dead end of carabiner design. The gate bump has 10 horizontal serrations for grip and makes it easy to open the gate for threading through bolts or around other objects. On the surface, it seems like this would make the Cliff Express most suitable for an easy clipping personal anchor carabiner such as on caving cowtails.

Caving cowtails are sometimes non-locking, but most other modern personal anchor/lanyard systems use secure designs such as the slide-lock carabiners common to via ferrata, or snap-hooks are used in professional work-at-height environments.

Unfortunately, the bump would make the gate prone to accidental opening, rendering it unsuitable in these same types of applications, especially without a locking mechanism. Additionally, the reverse bend exposes the gate spring and pusher more than in typical designs, which would make the gate even more prone to jamming in muddy environments such as caves.