SMC Oval v2

Oval v2

Name:SMC Oval v2
Nose:notch & pin
Nose Guard:none
Rivets:pin: recessed
Gate Shield:none
Weight:62 g
Dimensions:Length: 104 mm
Width: 54.5 mm
Gate Opening: 17 mm
Other Markings:Stamped: (SMC oval logo)
Summary:early unrated stamped-nose oval
Description & Commentary:

In general, it is beyond the scope of the collection to include the huge array of oval carabiners which dominated rock climbing and vertical rope work for decades. But they keep turning up... This piece is included because it highlights a certain time in carabiner manufacturing through 3 key features - the nose is forged, the hinge and nose pins are recessed, and there is no strength rating present.

Other early carabiners used milled noses, like the Climb High Oval, but this design left the gate more susceptible to opening if pressed against a rock or other foreign object. The forged nose was faster to produce, stronger and protruded out from the oval shape - this helps protect the gate against accidental opening and shows the gate orientation at a glance. Virtually all modern carabiners protect the gate in a similar way.

Recessed pins and a lack of strength ratings are no longer the norm. Most modern carabiners use domed rivets for security (and easy inspection), although some manufacturers spin the rivets almost flush with the gate (see the Omega Pacific Classic). Wiregate carabiners use a similar method to secure the ends of the wire. Flat spun rivets tend to have sharp edges which catch and pull on the fibers of softgoods, more so than more domed rivets. Recessed pins had no such issues, but could walk in one direct or the other without noticing and may not be as strong.

This carabiner came as part of a lot of SMC carabiners with close fitting brake bars. Without recessed pins, the brake bars would not slide onto the gate - which may have been a factor in the design.