Wild Country Helium 3.0

Wild Country
Helium 3.0

Name:Wild Country Helium
Sub Item:3.0
Shape:asymmetric D
Gate Material:steel - stainless
Profile:I-beam: webbed
Nose:hooded notch
Nose Guard:full
Weight:37 g
Dimensions:Length: 101 mm
Width: 54.5 mm
Depth (basket end): 7.96 mm
Strength Ratings:Major Axis: 24 kN | Minor Axis: 7 kN | Gate Open: 9 kN
Other Markings:Forged: WILDCOUNTRY CE2008 read | HELIUM (ratings)
Laser: 01H0120 UIAA
Batch Marking Location:spine-exterior
MSRP:$13.95 (2022)
Collection Criteria:★ Manufacturing, Engineering, or Design
Summary:state of the art hot-forged hooded wiregate
Description & Commentary:

The third generation of the Wild Country Helium's highly evolved design perfectly encapsulates the characteristics of a modern top-tier hot forged aluminum wiregate carabiner. Without a change in materials or radical change in design, it will be hard to produce a significantly lighter carabiner without downsizing the overall size or reducing the rope bearing depth - fundamentally changing the feel and operation.

A full hood provides clean clipping and unclipping, although it does suffer from a bulky nose typical of clean nose wire gates. The original Helium was the first I-beam carabiner - the hot-forging places material where needed for sufficient strength, but minimize weight and still provide a well radiused rope bearing surface. The fit and finish on the Helium are excellent.

Other carabiners may better fit a climber's specific needs and personal preferences, but it is hard to fault the WC Helium 3.0 - it does exactly what it promise

Relevant Patent:US8108975
Manufacturer Color:Purple #6502