Clog (twistlock D) (straight knurling 90 deg throw)

(twistlock D) (straight knurling 90 deg throw)

Name:Clog (twistlock D) (straight knurling 90 deg throw)
Category:twist lock
Locking Type:full-auto
Unlock Style:twist
Sleeve Rotation:90° (unlocked) | 90° (maximum)
Shape:asymmetric D
Nose:notch & pin
Nose Guard:none
Gate Shield:none
Weight:81.7 g
Dimensions:Length: 110.74 mm
Width: 62.78 mm
Depth (basket end): 9.7 mm
Gate Opening: 19.86 mm
Strength Ratings:Major Axis: 2800 KG
Other Markings:Impressed: CLOG | BRITAIN 2800KG
Summary:early twistlock from originator of the twistlock
Description & Commentary:

This design is one of the earlier twistlock carabiners.

Clog produced the first twistlock carabiners, with advertisments appearing in 1983. These ads show drawings with a sleeve design using diagonal knurling and a 90 degree throw, whereas this example has a 90 degree throw but straight knurling.

See also: Twistlock D with straight knurling and 120 degree throw.

As with most modern autolockers, the hinge pin includes a lug to guide the locking mechanism. Notably, this is much larger diameter than found these days.