GOIS 3/4" Snap Ring

3/4" Snap Ring

Name:GOIS 3/4" Snap Ring
Locking Type:n/a
Unlock Style:n/a
Material:steel - stainless
Nose Guard:none
Gate Shield:full
Anti Crossload:pin: welded
Weight:1183 g
Dimensions:Length: 230 mm
Width: 117 mm
Depth (basket end): 19 mm
Gate Opening: 28 mm
Other Markings:Printed Label: GOIS
Summary:massive slide-gated hook for industrial marine use
Description & Commentary:

Gois makes hardware for commercial fishing vessels. This massive 23cm (9 in) gated hook is made from solid 3/4 in stainless steel and weighs almost 1.2kg (2.6 lbs). A knurled tube forms the sliding gate, held closed by a heavy spring. The gate is not load bearing, nor keyed in any way - it may spin freely, which probably reduces wear on the weakest part of the hook. A welded crossbar encourages proper orientation, although the welds show some minor flaws.

The only markings are a clear sticker on the gate with GOIS printed in blue lettering.