Slack-Inov Vortex 2

Vortex 2

Name:Slack-Inov Vortex 2
Gate Material:steel - stainless
Nose:notch & wire
Nose Guard:none
Gate Shield:none
Anti Crossload:other
Weight:73.3 g
Dimensions:Length: 105.62 mm
Width: 76.82 mm
Depth (basket end): 20.20 mm
Gate Opening: 29.28 mm
Other Markings:Laser: (slack-inov-barefoot-logo) Slack Inov S/N:21-02 - Patent Pending VORTEX (person-portrait-circle) 120 Kg Max. - read(caution-triangle)(1-circle)Rope ⌀ 9 mm Min. (rigging-diagram)
Msrp:€45.04 (2023)
Collection Criteria:★ Demonstrates a Discipline
Summary:gated rope thimble for highline tether
Description & Commentary:

The Vortex is a gated rope thimble for highline leashes. Maybe not really a carabiner...the wiregate latch shape does not appear that it would allow the gate to slip free rather than help distribute the force along the gate edge.

Highlines are slacklines rigged...high. High enough to warrant fall protection. Generally, the highliner wears a climbing harness, connected to the highline (and backup line) with a short leash or tether. Traditionally, this leash terminates to ring(s) or large shackle(s) which will slide along the highline without causing damage to the line or the leash. Rings are more reliable/cleaner than large shackles, but must be threaded before rigging the highline. That's definitely caused big "whoops!" moments for folks after stringing up long lines...

The Vortex allows the highliner to tie a short piece of dynamic rope around the highline with a trace-8/figure-8-follow-through, but still protect the protect leash & line with the timble. The closed sections near the gate and hinge retain the Vortex on the rope, while the open spine side helps reduce the chances of a falling highliner from inadvertently injuring themselves on the hardware.

A unique piece of kit, specifically designed to meet the needs of a niche sport.

Manufacturer Color:blue
Technical Notice:Technical Notice