Latok (asymmetric d)

(asymmetric d)

Name:Latok (asymmetric d)
Shape:asymmetric D
Nose:notch & pin
Nose Guard:none
Gate Shield:none
Weight:37.9 g
Dimensions:Length: 92.46 mm
Width: 50.94 mm
Depth (basket end): 9.64 mm
Gate Opening: 19.20 mm
Other Markings:Stamped: LATOK Made in France
Hand Engraved (electropencil?): B.H.
Summary:lightweight compact carabiner from historic brand
Description & Commentary:

This is a nice compact lightweight carabiner, with a t-shaped body, and a slightly swept spine. The spine is stamped LATOK and Made in France which provides improved grip.

The body shows a diamond imprint pattern from clamping in a vice or similar. These same marks are seen in photos of other Latok carabiners, so appears to be part of the manufacturing process. The left side of the gate is marked B.H. with the telltale shakey handwriting of an electropencil engraver.

Latok Mountain Gear was Jeff Lowe's mountaineering equipment company, a spin-off of Lowe Alpine.