DMM Ultima Scaffold Hook ANSI Kwiklock

Ultima Scaffold Hook ANSI Kwiklock

Name:DMM Ultima Scaffold Hook ANSI Kwiklock
Category:twist lock
Locking Type:full-auto
Unlock Style:twist
Sleeve Rotation:120° (unlocked) | 120° (maximum)
Rivets:flat dimpled
Anti Crossload:pin: absent
Weight:434 g
Dimensions:Length: 242 mm
Width: 142 mm
Gate Opening: 53 mm
Strength Ratings:Major Axis: 38 kN
Other Markings:Forged: MADE IN WALES UK DMM ULTIMA | Laser Etched: 0120CE 38kN EN362:2004/T read ANSI Z359.1 (07) A734ANSI 112373293A
Collection Criteria:★ Demonstrates a Discipline
Summary:extra large aluminum carabiner for use on ladders and scaffolds
Description & Commentary:

Extra large steel carabiners designed for use with scaffolds, ladders and the like are common in the fire/rescue and industrial access. The DMM Ultra is made for similar purposes, but forged from much lighter aluminum. In the hand, this huge carabiner feels very light for what it is, while still boasting an impressive 38kN major axis strength rating, keylock nose and a reinforced gate. The trapezoidal cross section is wider than comparable steel carabiners, and may have trouble fitting through smaller anchorage points.

This particular example shows the dings and scratches of work-life, and the twist lock sticks on occasion.

Technical Notice:Technical Notice