Virtual Exhibits

About the Exhibits

This page allows you to browse themed exhibits, as well as view carabiners by catagory.

By their very nature and purpose, carabiners are designed to be handled - one of the reasons I enjoy collecting them. While not as fun or educational as directly handling these items, I hope these virtual exhibits provide an opportunity to explore various aspects of carabiner design and use.

I do enjoy sharing selections of the collection with folks at small climbing-related gatherings and events, please reach out if you are interested in such a workshop, in-person (best!) or hosted online.

Snagless Nose Designs

Pierre Allain (latchless) Lowe-Camp (Snagless D) Wild Country Oxygen Stubai Rock Clip Petzl Spirit Camp Dyon Petzl Ange S DMM Wirelock Simond Spider Wild Country Helium HoodWire Oz LiveWire

Since the invention of the gate-loading carabiner (as opposed to a Gated Hook/Snap Hook), climbers have sought designs which minimizing catching on gear when clipping/unclipping.

Pierre Allain even produced carabiner-like gated hooks to avoid this exact issue.

Gated HookPierre Allain (latchless)Pierre Allain (latchless)
Reverse Notch & PinLowe-Camp (Snagless D)Lowe-Camp (Snagless D)
Reverse Notch & WindowAustrailpin (Steel HMS)Austrialpin (Steel HMS)
Snagless ClawWild Country OxygenWild Country Oxygen
KeylockPetzl SpiritPetzl Spirit
Camp DyonCamp Dyon
Reverse KeylockPetzl Ange SPetzl Ange S
DMM WirelockDMM Wirelock
Simond SpiderSimond Spider
Hooded NotchWild Country HeliumWild Country Helium
Black Diamond HoodWire/Oz/LiveWire HoodWire Oz LiveWire

Anti-Crossload Designs

DMM Belay Master Mammut Smart HMS CMC Protech Manual-Lock w/Keeper DMM Mamba Grivel Vlad Metolius Gatekeeper Mammut Bionic Crosslock Grivel Clepsydra Black Diamond GridLock Mad Rock Gemini Petzl Caritool

Some carabiners have anti-crossloading designs, mainly serving 3 purposes:

  1. Maximize carabiner strength by promoting loading along the major axis.
  2. Minimize risk of carabiner gate-face loading or roll-out.
  3. Provide proper orientation for assistive braking devices such as a Petzl Grigri.

Here are a few notable efforts over the years, along with examples:

Side GateDMM Belay MasterDMM Belay Master
Mammut Smart HMSMammut Smart HMS
Captive PinCMC Protech Manual-Lock w/KeeperCMC Protech Manual-Lock w/Keeper
Captive EyeDMM MambaDMM Mamba
ISC KH255 Swivel EyeISC KH255 Swivel Eye
Grivel VladGrivel Vlad
Interior Gate - runner openingMetolius GatekeeperMetolius Gatekeeper
Interior Gate - basket openingWild Country Xenon HMS Tri-Lock BelayWild Country Xenon HMS Tri-Lock Belay
Bidirectional Interior GateMammut Bionic CrosslockMammut Bionic Crosslock
Basket FinGrivel Clepsydra
(and an interior wiregate)
Grivel Clepsydra
Gate SpurBlack Diamond GridLockBlack Diamond GridLock
Exterior Solid GateMad Rock GeminiMad Rock Gemini
Belt ClipPetzl CaritoolPetzl Caritool

Uncommmon Features

Sterling Unknown Model Klettersteig Alloy Anti-Vibe Screwgate Petzl Freino Petzl Universo Black Diamond The Fin Black Diamond Dynotron Simond Cliff Express Mad Rock Trigger Wire DMM Revolver Grivel Vlad DMM Ultima Stubai (twisted d) Edelrid HMS Bulletproof Belay FG Eco

These carabiners have some uncommon features - which may or may not be very useful.

Adjustable Lanyard/Cowtail Platecaptive eyes allow for an adjustable lanyard/cowtailSterling Unknown ModelSterling Unknown Model
Anti-Vibration Screwgateresists unlocking due to vibrationKlettersteig Alloy Anti-Vibe ScrewgateKlettersteig Alloy Anti-Vibe Screwgate
Braking Spuradds friction on rappel/lowerPetzl FreinoPetzl Freino
Captive Belay Deviceanti-crossload & drop preventionPetzl UniversoPetzl Universo
Finger Gripimproves purchase when clipping on leadBlack Diamond The FinBlack Diamond The Fin
Flat Gate Faceduplicates the feel of clipping a wiregate (more stable when clipping on lead) Black Diamond DynotronBlack Diamond Dynotron
Gate Activation Bumpbump on gate intended to assist in opening the gateSimond Cliff ExpressSimond Cliff Express
Gate Hold‑Openaids in stick-clipping boltsMad Rock Trigger WireMad Rock Trigger Wire
Integrated Pulleyreduces rope drag on lead & other pulley purposes (rescue/hauling)DMM RevolverDMM Revolver
Integrated Rigging Plateaids organization & improves carabiner loading with crowded connectionsGrivel VladGrivel Vlad
Massively Oversizedcompatibility with wide rigid objects such as ladders / scaffoldsDMM UltimaDMM Ultima
Twisted Frameholds carabiner away from rock & increases gate openingStubai 3-D UltralightStubai 3-D Ultralight
Wear Insertdurability of a steel carabiner,
without the weight
Edelrid HMS Bulletproof Belay FG EcoEdelrid HMS Bulletproof Belay FG Eco