Grivel Tau T

Tau T

Name:Grivel Tau T
Locking Type:full-auto
Unlock Style:multi-gate
Gate Material:multi: separate aluminum & steel gates
Nose Guard:none
Rivets:domed + flat spun
Gate Shield:full
Weight:53 g
Dimensions:Length: 98 mm
Width: 59 mm
Depth (basket end): 8.92 mm
Gate Opening: 20 mm
Strength Ratings:Major Axis: 30 kN | Minor Axis: 10 kN | Gate Open: 9 kN
Other Markings:Forged: GRIVEL
Laser: Patented Grivel -Tau τ- (ratings) EN12275:2013 read 0717 00603 | UIAA CE 0123 1B356 0003
MSRP:$15.99 (2023)
Collection Criteria:★ Mechanically Interesting
★ Demonstrates a Discipline
Summary:external spring, semi-locking carabiner
Description & Commentary:

A very interesting locking mechanism - a wiregate pushes against an un-sprung solid gate. The solid gate cannot be opened without first opening the wiregate. I do find it disconcerting that the solid gate is unsprung and will flop around once the wiregate has been opened. Perhaps this is best understood as a wiregate guarded from accidental opening by the solid gate.

Suitable for winter climbing, there is little to freeze solid with snow and ice, and the locking mechanism can be opened with gloves. The bent spine and flat runner end are also rare to find in such a small carabiner.

Technical Notice:Technical Notice